Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Parasites

They come, surprisingly, from California. My research team has contacted a number of "mortgage modification" companies that promise to beat your bank into submission for the low, low price of $3,000.00...cash.

When you ask for guarantees you can hear the tires squeal as they put the gears in reverse. One such parasite actually told me "We are an attorney run company." I said "Oh...so you are an attorney?" She replied "Well...no...but we have attorneys." After 10 minutes she confessed she is selling the services from her home and has never actually MET any of the attorneys, nor did she know names other than from her script.

Being an attorney myself, I was shocked that she had no idea that she was giving legal advice. She clearly had a script but departed from it to hype the sale.

Then the come on line. "You know we can check the paper work to see if any mistakes were made. If they were you get to keep your house and you don't owe anything. This happened just the other day with one of our customers. It happens all the time. We don't guarantee it, but it is worth the extra money to try."

Welcome to the debt parasite version of Las Vegas. Spin the wheel and get a house!

And as usual, they would supply no names, no proof, no nothing. They would not send a contract without a commitment - nor would they put the fee in writing without my asking 3 times. Even then they were vague.

So why do people fall for this stuff?

They are desperate, frightened and do not have the legal advice that any company would normally have. They heard about a bail out plan and they think this is somehow linked to it. People make emotional decisions at times of crisis.

Any competent bankruptcy attorney can help someone determine the next steps when facing financial disaster. Our Vigilant attorneys are clear that they honor the original intention for creating law as a profession in the first place: TO BE OF SERVICE.

Next theme...beware of the firms that are in the "business" of bankruptcy.

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Chef Patti said...

Thanks for your note. I'm talking to my bank on Monday. Of course, I'll remind them they also screwed me over when they froze my line of credit, failed to tell me until 5 days after I attempted to use it! This was after months of using it, and being a customer of this bank for 30 years! So much for 'service'!