Saturday, October 11, 2008

Credit Scamers unite!

The next great wave of scams will be "Credit Repair" companies as credit tightens to epic proportions. Everyone under 700 can just pay cash.

Desperate People will pay these fly by night companies anything on unregulated promises. These CyberGypseys(tm) close down shop and move as the States and the FTC move in for the kill.

There was one that asked people for their Bank Routing Number! Can you believe people gave it out. I called one and they were indignant and still in operation in Tampa. The Feds know about them but cant seem to move fast.

They can spend $700B to bail out their buddies but SCREW the common guy suffering.

This from the Jacksonville News:


Although there are reputable businesses that help consumers through the credit repair maze, state and federal agencies say they are fielding thousands of complaints from people who paid businesses to "clean up" their credit reports.

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission joined eight state law enforcement agencies - including Florida's attorney general - in a crackdown on 20 businesses that claimed they could strike bad marks from credit reports.

The businesses typically charged several hundred dollars in advance and promised to permanently eliminate negative information from credit reports, even if the information was "accurate and timely," according to the FTC. "

Unbelievable! Here we go into the dark ages.

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